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Click on PDF Icon for 2018 Men's Rally Marketing Materials


Catholic Men for Jesus of Florida relies upon individual members of a parish to help promote our events.  We call those individuals “Parish Captains”.


As a Parish Captain, you can choose to help our efforts in any number of ways:


  • Assisting in the placement of announcements in the parish bulletin;

  • Promoting our events through pulpit announcements;

  • Sending an e-mail about our event to your blast list of interested persons (or providing us with e-mails to add to our list);

  • Organizing a group to rent a bus or otherwise come to an event together; or

  • Facilitating the organization of Men’s Ministry within the parish.​

Your level of involvement is up to you.  We would ask that, as a minimum, you would be responsible for the transmission of our message through bulletins and pulpit announcements and keeping your pastor up to date on our activities.


In each instance, we will work to provide materials for your use. We do not ask you to create materials from scratch; rather, our Parish Captains extend our message through the materials we provide them.  We also count on our Parish Captains to provide input on how best to plan and execute our events for maximum effectiveness.


We will also be working to build a community of Catholics committed to the mission of calling men to spread the Gospel through education and fellowship.  To that end, we anticipate holding events for the Parish Captain Community: to learn, to bond and to share Christ’s love.


If this important (and we believe easy and meaningful) work seems of interest to you, please drop us an e-mail at!  We would look forward to answering any questions that you might have.  

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